New Life Church exists to honor God, grow a greater community of believers, and biblically empower people for life and service.


Our Mission

Honor God
This is first, because everything we do is to lift up the Lord and in all things bring honor to Him. We honor God most by obeying His Word. When God is the focus of our praise, He anoints His people with favor and power. May we be known for extravagant praise, extravagant giving, and extravagant service…all in honor of our Lord. One of the best ways to honor the Lord is by honoring one another – the Body of Christ. We believe we achieve this through our faithfulness in attendance at our weekend gatherings and financial giving.

Grow A Greater Community of Believers
This portion really is two-fold. First, it brings the idea of evangelism. We are to witness, to share, and to serve the last, the lost, and the least in order to expand the boundaries of the Kingdom of God both at home and abroad. Secondly, we are to grow the Kingdom within the doors of the church. This encompasses the growth and spiritual formations of the believer in terms of knowledge, desire, and personal disciplines which serve the Lord’s work within our individual lives.

Biblically Empower People For Life & Service
Through teaching the principles of the Bible, we will enable people to overcome their inherent sins, their erroneous training, their mental/emotional handicaps, their relational challenges, and their spiritual brokenness. The goal is for every believer to live a life free from the sinful values of the modern world view, free from besetting sins, and to be empowered to truly live in freedom and to enjoy a productive, happy life. We also want to empower new believers through the Scriptures to be servants of God. The greatest fulfillment in life is to know that you are working in partnership with the Lord of Lords to advance His Kingdom! It is vital that we all find a place of regular service in the church. Our volunteer team is called the Dream Team because together we make the dream a reality.