Church is a Family

There is perhaps no greater feeling than to be together with family on a leisure evening. The smell of grilled burgers provides an invisible backdrop for the sound of laughter, music, and time spent together, enjoying one another’s company as a family. Many of you can relate to this scenario, but others can’t even imagine it. And that is why the church is so important, and especially a church that relates to one another as a family.

Lessons in Parenting

Parenting is an incredible partnership with the Divine for the perpetuation of righteousness in the earth. Placing value on the child and on parenthood and recognizing both as gifts from God is a great place to start. Parents soon become aware their children will either become their greatest source of joy and pride, or they will become their greatest source of pain and heartache. My goal is not to conjure pain for anyone, but to help our parents, especially of young children, to raise children to honor the Lord and bring much joy to their lives.