Guidelines & Expectations

Christian Conduct
NLC Requires compliance with all guidelines set forth by ministry departmental leaders. All leaders must exemplify a Godly lifestyle at all times, and are expected to abstain from all substance abuse. Speech must be edifying: gossip, slander, and cursing are unacceptable (Ephesians 4:29-31). This includes social media sites.

Spiritual Growth
Your personal relationship with Jesus Christ should be the highest priority in your life and kept with utmost diligence by regular Bible reading, prayer and fellowship with the church. Our spirit of humility, submission to authority and cooperation are signs of the Holy Spirit's work in a believer's life (Matthew 7:16). Maintaining a consistent prayer life is essential to spiritual growth.

Your appearance reflects both you as an individual and NLC. Although NLC has a "casual" atmosphere, we ask everyone to consider their appearance and strive to have a positive image when in leadership. We ask that clothing always be modest and appropriate. We should never dress to draw attention to ourselves or in a manner that would cause a brother/sister in Christ to stumble in their Christian walk.


We require anyone interested in working with children/youth to submit a background check. If this applies to you, please click here



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